How to

Guidelines to achieving Great team work.


New day, new topic, same game with more information and insight …This game charms a lot of people. Someone likes to watch the game (fans), someone wants to play this game (players) and someone is eager to help (coaches).
What role do YOU prefer?
Whatever it is that you want to do as long as it is in line with the game, it’s good enough. Imagine a game without fans even if were just a friendly, it would be terribly boring or a game with only one player playing, that would be like training. In fact even in training the players are split to make competing teams. Talk about the coaches, they are the brains of the team and the UN noticed 7th man after the fans.
Well with that said, let’s discover how a team can work, stay and tolerate each other like a family.

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Always bear in mind that if you need a solid team, then it has to be like a family and if you want any other kind of team, you might as well choose to ignore these three ideas.

  • Spending time together

This is the core aspect in my opinion. Take for example you wouldn’t stand your brother or sister if you only saw them once a week. In that same regard it is very essential for players to spend time together off court, say may be parties and normal day hangouts as a team. The more time players spend together, the more they get to bond with one another as they get to understand each other much better.

  • Communication

Word for word communication is a very strong foundation for any team to be strong and work as
a family. Players need to learn to talk to each other with utmost regard and respect. Listening is
as much of an important factor as talking. Once players master these two aspects then cooperation shall never be an issue of concern.

  • Trust

This without doubt I say is the best knot to tie so as to ensure a solid and united team. Teams that usually emerge victorious do so simply because the players have a sense of trust among themselves which makes them such a perfect combination on court.